Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a very special day for a bride. It is usually hosted by the maid of honor or the bride's sister, mother or close friends. In some cases, the bridesmaids can contribute and collectively host the shower. The future in-laws can also host it. (Nowadays, couple shower is also very common)

TThe guests give gifts to the bride, which helps them to set up their future home, and gives the couple financial assistance. Usually a bride has one party before her marriage, but it is not a rule; there can be more than one. It would depend on the number of friends or relatives that she has. For example, the friends at the office and the relatives can host two different showers.

Planning a wedding shower involves preparing a budget, sending invitations, deciding menu and venue, games, decoration, buying gifts, favors, etc. There are several ideas given here. These will help you plan the shower. If you know the bride well, you can select a theme according to her taste.

There are various tips on the party. You can go through various tips on the invitations, games, food recipes, poems, favors, and bachelorette party ideas. Hosting a couple shower instead of a party for the bride is also a good idea. You can invite the couple and the entire family members instead of making it an all-women party.

You can set up a wedding shower in a garden, restaurant, nearby park, church at your home. The venue depends on the number of guests and your budget.

It is crucial for you to implement these steps if you are hosting a wedding shower:

  • Plan a budget
  • Discuss it with the people contributing to the wedding shower
  • Talk to the bride regarding the preference of gifts or tell her to enroll in a registry
  • List down the invitees
  • Arrange a suitable date at least a month or two prior to the wedding
  • Prepare the wedding shower invitations and start sending them to all the guests at least a month in advance before the party
  • Let the guests know the bride's preference for gifts
  • Buy a gift for the bride and favors for the guests
  • Finalize the time of the wedding shower and fix a venue
  • Finalize on the decoration, food and drinks
  • Confirm the attendance and travel bookings of outstation guests at least a week prior to the party
  • Buy all raw materials for the food in the menu at least a week in advance
  • On the day of the wedding shower, reach the venue at least 2 hours prior to the actual time to receive all the guests, bride and her family


It is best to keep things simple, especially food and decoration. There are several bridal shower ideas with respect to the time of the day and venue.

Depending on the time of the wedding shower, you could prepare a menu. You can either match the menu to the theme or time of the party.


Bridal shower favors could be simple gifts such as chocolates, candies, candles, picture frames or any other simple gifts you could think of. It is only to acknowledge and thank the guests for attending the shower. Although favors are not mandatory, it is a good gesture to give your guests a token of your appreciation.


Wedding shower games would serve as a good ice breaker. In case the guests do not know each other, these games will aid them to get to know each other.

There are many ways to host a bridal shower and show your love to the bride. However, make sure you consider the bride's likes, dislikes and personal preferences while buying gifts, planning the menu and decor. Be sure to make the bride comfortable, honored and happy .

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