Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal shower ideas depend on the budget of the host. High budget could have lavish bridal shower ideas like a good theme, invitation, food and favors. Mostly, people prefer simple bridal shower ideas. Bridal shower is very famous wedding custom in United States, Australia, and Canada. It started in 1890. Bridal shower is an occasion or party in which, the guests give gifts to the bride-to-be. This wedding custom has a special meaning or reason in history.

This ritual is conducted to support the poor brides and their families who cannot afford the dowry. Another reason behind this custom is to help the bride whose, family is against her wedding. Through these bridal shower gifts her close friends, sisters, and well-wishers support her to get married and start a new life with the man of her choice.

Bridal Shower party is ideally given some days before wedding. The bride has to send invitations (mostly informal) to her well-wishers for bridal shower. Nowadays, bridal shower party includes many things, like bridal shower themes, food, wine, gifts, favors and games. Dinner or luncheon is not a favorite idea for bridal shower. One can implement many bridal shower ideas; let us have an overview of it.

Bridal shower ideas include:

  • Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

    Traditionally, the gifts that were given to the bride-to-be were mostly useful either in kitchen or bed room. The trend has changed drastically these days and the guests give gifts that are no more restricted to kitchen or bedroom. So, the gift might be a show piece or satin garters, or tiara, or jewelry set, etc.

  • Bridal Shower Game Ideas

    Bridal shower is not complete without the bridal shower games and it is a very important part of bridal shower planning. Bridal shower games encourage your guests to start interacting and feel relaxed in a lighter mood. We have a very good collection of bridal shower games to make your bridal shower a wonderful and memorable party.

  • Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

    Bridal shower favor is a return gift given by the bride to her guests as a thanking note to attend the function. Bridal shower favors could be any of these like chocolates, cookies, shells, flowers, bookmarks, decorative cards, key chains, coffee packs, CDs, or even little liquor.

  • Bridal Shower Party Ideas

    Bridal shower party is supposed to celebrate the bride's life. A bridal shower party is helpful to prepare bride for the most different and important roles in her life like a wife, a mother etc.

  • Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

    Bridal shower invitation is the first impression of your bridal shower party. Following are some samples of bridal shower invitation text to use in your invitations.

  • Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

    Bridal shower theme ideas include a particular theme that could be any color theme or floral theme, or chocolate theme, or a wine theme, etc. Most of the time location of the bridal shower party, dress code, food, games and decoration is chosen according to the theme of the party. For example, if the theme of the bridal shower is flowers then most preferred location could be garden, flowers' names could be used in games, if the location is hotel or community hall then it is decorated with flowers, the guests and the bride has to wear dress that has print of flowers, return gifts (favors) could be flowers, even the invitation cards elaborate pictures of flowers, etc.

  • Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

    Your bridal shower theme is portrayed by using coordinating centerpieces, bouquets, gifts and cake. First decide the theme specifically for your party and then define it by creatively using various accessories. Irrespective of the wedding venue your decoration and a wise use of materials could make your wedding shower look awe inspiring.

  • Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

    A lovely cake is the attraction of a bridal shower. Bridal shower cakes are frequently make in either themes to match up the brides wedding colors or sometimes to their favorite hobbies. A way to celebrate and make your bridal shower sweet.

  • Bridal Shower Food Ideas

    Bridal shower parties are generally thrown in the daylight. Therefore, usually these parties do not have luncheon or dinner. The host serves some snacks and sweets to the guests. Mostly, some appetizers, junk food, finger food, dips, soups, cakes and chocolates are served with wine or other beverages in these parties.

The hosts, who cannot afford to pay for all this, could have a simple theme for bridal shower like homemade theme. In this you can have self made invitations, homemade food, homemade wine, and self created favors. Homemade theme is good to save your money but you have to work really hard and give much time to make the necessary arrangement from the scratch. Those, who have a good budget, could have bridal shower themes like Cinderella, or Mickey mouse or theme of any country like India or Japan or China. In such cases you should consult or hire professionals for each and everything like for food, decoration, favors, and games to implement the theme perfectly.

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